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Student Concern Reports

This is not a 911 or emergency service.
Do not use these report options to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property.

If you require emergency assistance, please dial 911 (Police)
or contact BYU–Hawaii Department of Public Safety at (808) 675-3911.

Report a Concern Forms
If you are concerned about a student and this is a non-emergency, we encourage you to complete one of the forms below.
Report violation of the BYUH Honor Code (dress & grooming, drug & alcohol, academic dishonesty, inappropriate language, etc.).
Domestic or dating violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, assault, or stalking.
Harm of self or others incident report.
Administrative reviews of student cases, reduced course loads, or emergency leave.
Report on-campus roommate conflict, curfew, dorm and TVA concerns or requests.
Report illegal behavior or non-emergency crimes such as theft, vandalism, or non-immediate danger.
Report a concern